Strike First Sample Pack

Strike First Sample Pack

  • Sinister Pre-workout
    • 3 Servings / Flavors in this sample pack
  • Sustainall (BCAA Recovery)
    • 3 Servings / 1 Flavor in this sample pack
  • CerebroX (Nootropic / Cognition & Focus)
    • 2-4 Servings (Capsules)

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Product Description

Sinister (Pre-workout)

3 Flavors / 3-6 Servings
High stimulant Pre-workout
(Gives you intense energy before a workout, helps you go harder and longer, no crash.)
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Sustainall (BCAA Recovery)

1 Flavor / 3 Servings 10:1:1
No Stimulant, Super Clean.
Greatly improves recovery time & reduces soreness, also acts as a Pre-workout but its not high-energy.
Probably ideal for regular lifters who can already go super hard.
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CerebroX (Nootropic) Focus, Cognition

2-4 Servings
Nootropic (capsules) Helps increase cognitive function, focus & wakefulness.
A great combination with Sinister Pre-workout.
Reduces distractions & helps focus on your lifts.
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Strike First Nutrition

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