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  • Affiliate commissions up to 20% on all sales! Affiliate will receive 10% commission on all sales. Affiliate will receive a 5% bonus for all sales over $2000 and a 10% bonus on all sales over 3000.
  • Once YOUR customer, always YOUR customer! Upon initial purchase, a customer becomes linked to your affiliate account. All future purchases made by your customer will default a commission to your account.
  • Affiliate will receive a 20% promotional code! This code can be used upon initial sale to a NEW customer! Entice a new customer with 20% discount on their first purchase. Limit one time use per customer.
  • Let us help you with future promotions! Given the competitive market, your customer may wander and try other supplement companies. Strike First Nutrition will send out regular promotions to bring your customers back! Affiliate will receive commission on ALL sales even through Strike First Nutrition promotional offers.

Strike First Nutrition

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