Earn some serious cash with Strike First Nutrition! 

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What do Ambassadors get exactly?

  1. Commission
    1. You get: 10% commission per order on your first $1,000 worth of orders
    2. You get: 15% commission per order on the next $1,001 – $2,000 worth of orders
    3. You get: 20% commission per order on everything after $2,000 worth of orders
      Average order value at Strike First Nutrition is $100 – $150 per order.


  2. Free Products
    1. Ambassadors by default qualify for 2 free products per month. 
    2. Additional free products upon discussion with Strike First Nutrition.

  3. Discounted Products
    1. If the free products you receive aren’t enough, ambassadors receive TOP discounts at Strike First Nutrition 

Recurring, Lifetime Commission

If the customers you refer make additional purchases anytime after their first one, you’ll make 10% on the their repeat orders. Repeat orders will also count towards the above 3 tiers of payouts. This means a life long income, depending on how often your customers make repeat orders.

Why would anyone want to use Strike First Supplements?

  1. Our supplements are superior to the top name brands.
  2. You get to hook up your referrals with a lifetime 20% off, coupon code.

Expectations of Ambassadors

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Strike First Nutrition

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